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Ethical responsibility

At the Rawlplug Group we believe that global companies have a moral mission to accomplish. This forms the purpose of our activities, which include meeting the society's expectations and the expectations of our customers in everything we do.

Being a socially responsible company, in its sourcing activities we are guided by the following basic rules of human rights, employee rights, health protection and fighting corruption.

Guidelines on ethics for the Suppliers of the Rawlplug Group

1. Working hours
Except in extraordinary circumstances, we do not require that the maximum number of hours worked by the Supplier per week exceed the local conditions of law or where such laws do not limit working hours, a regular working week in the country plus 12 hours overtime.
2. Children’s work
The Supplier shall not employ children of school age, in accordance with the laws applicable in their country of their residence or otherwise use them in the production of goods supplied to the Rawlplug Group.
3. Discrimination
Personnel employed by the Supplier shall not be subjected to any form of discrimination in employment, including due to employment, salary, benefits, promotion, discipline, termination or retirement, gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political beliefs or social or ethnic origin.
4. Harassment and abuse
Any person employed by the Supplier must be treated with respect and dignity. No employee may become a victim of harassment or physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse. The Supplier may not use corporal punishment or other forms of coercion (mental or physical) in relation to its employees.
5. Occupational health and safety
The Supplier shall provide a safe and healthy working environment to prevent accidents and health risks associated with work or occurring during work, and it shall comply with all local laws in providing such environment.
6. Salaries and benefits
The Supplier shall pay its employees at least the minimum wage provided for by local law or salary applicable in the industry, depending on which of them is higher. The Supplier shall provide its employees with benefits required by law. In addition to remuneration for regular working hours, the Supplier shall pay its employees the rate for overtime as required by local law or, if such a law does not exist, at least the amount equal to their regular hourly wage.
7. Donations for the employees of the Rawlplug Group
In order to prevent corrupt practices, the Supplier shall not:
-offer, give or agree to give any employee of the Rawlplug Group any gifts or any other remuneration as an inducement or reward for any act or omission in connection with entering into a contract for Rawlplug Group, as well as for showing or failure to show benevolence or animosity to any person in connection with any agreement for the Rawlplug Group.
-conclude any agreement with the Rawlplug Group, with reference to which the remuneration has been paid or agreed to be paid by or to the Supplier or on its behalf or in accordance with its knowledge, unless prior to concluding the agreement such particulars of the commission and the terms and conditions of the agreement regarding its payment have been disclosed in writing to the authorized representative of the Rawlplug Group.

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